Social Media for Contractors in 2022: How to Improve Your Strategy

Social Media for Contractors in 2022: How to Improve Your Strategy

Do you want to help your business win at social media? In this post, we’ve put together a list of the top 6 key tips to improve social media for contractors to help you build brand awareness; engage your community; and convert more customers.

Okay, let’s put the Alpyne car in drive.

Here’s our 5 key tips on social media marketing for contractors: 

1. Have an effective plan.

The first key to improving social media for contractors is having a plan. Posting on social media is akin to having a country without a father. If you want to win at social media, you have to have a plan.

But, not just any plan.

This is why you see that we’ve put the word effective in front of plan. You must create and implement an effective social media plan. And, that is the most difficult ingredient in social media for contractors. 

Your plan must be effective.

That’s where contractor social media marketing experts, like here at Alpyne, come in.

We have a unique process to develop an effective plan that comes from rigorous, in-depth research and analysis from industry best practices; internal and external stakeholder interview; and agency insights. 

In fact, we work with someone of the nation’s leading contractors to develop effective social media plans that not only work but make them win.

2. Follow a schedule.

#2 on our list is posting consistently and following a schedule. Once you have an effective plan documented, you must execute upon it and not stray from the course. Otherwise, you risk not knowing fully just how effective your social media for contractors strategy truly is. 

Additionally, as the purchasing behaviors of consumers increasingly go digital, posting consistently and methodologically on social media is just as important as answering the telephone for contractor marketing overall.

Having gaps, or posting from time to time, on social media may bring up red flags when your audience is seeking your home service solution. 

Be more sociable in the places where your target audience exists. Inactive accounts or inconsistent posting can give the impression that your business isn’t in operation or simply lacks online customer engagement. Both are big nos nos and will not help you be number one at the finish line.

3. Pay attention to trends.

Leverage a more frictionless content experience to showcase your craft by using the latest social media trends such as Reels, Stories, and Carousels on both Facebook and Instagram. The idea is to integrate your content into their the daily way of engaging online.

4. Communicate benefits.

Paint the picture of what life is like after engaging with your company and, ultimately, becoming a purchaser. Facilitate the buying process by allowing them to visualize a more enhanced lifestyle as a result of your services. Your goal is to deliver on value.

Speaks to your customer pain points and show how choosing your product can make their life easier and better. 

5. Use real photography.
If you haven’t gotten the memo, overly stock imagery is no more. Your audience has an awareness for what is authentic and what’s not. That’s why at Alpyne, in any of all full service plans, you get access to our team of professional photographers and drone pilots.

Photography is a vital piece to your communication strategy and to overlook this is setting the bar low for your contracting services.



6. Set KPIs.
In your contractor marketing social media strategy, it’s important to set the goals and the corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs) in your campaign. What’s important to you in your social media? What you don’t track, you can’t measure.

Setting metrics and goals is crucial in the way you approach social media.

If you do not set goals and/or measure track such parameters along the way, then you are implementing your campaign without a direction.


Social Media for Contractors: Simplified with Team Alpyne

Alpyne Strategy LLC, is a nationally-recognized and family-owned contractor marketing agency headquartered outside the Nashville, TN, area. We help you and your team build a stronger brand with innovative marketing strategies. Our agency is installed with a deep expertise to drive industrial marketing excellence.


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