National Skilled Trades Day 2022: Why the Trades?

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 is National Skilled Trades Day, a day to recognize the importance of the skilled trades in our society. That’s why, in this post, we wanted to go over why a career in the skilled trades can be so beneficial for younger workers to go into.

We will cover the skilled labor shortage; the rising demand for skilled trade professionals across the country; and how Alpyne helps those in the skilled trades drive industrial marketing excellence. 

Let’s put the Alpyne car in drive.  


Skilled Labor Shortage

First and foremost, there is a significant skilled labor shortage in the US. More than a third of those in the trades have difficulties finding skilled tradespeople.

In addition to this, according to a recent report in Forbes, talent shortages are at a 10-year high. 

With such a shortage, the opportunities are wide-open in terms of those who enter the trades, and obtaining the right credentials through a trade school is much more affordable, which brings us to our next point: Trade schools are affordable 


Trade Schools Are Affordable

Trade schools are much more affordable than a traditional four-year university degree. You also are able to typically graduate in less time with little to no student debt.

There are also various apprenticeship-model programs that are available across the country, so that you can get paid while going to school. 


Rising Demand for Skilled Trades

There is an incredible rising demand for talent in the skilled trades.

As recently as between May and June of 2021, there were a whopping 388,345 jobs posted for skilled trades-related workers. That’s nothing to overlook.

The demand will just keep increasing, too.

As EC&M states, “Amid an overall workforce shortage, the gap between demand and supply for tradespeople is only growing wider. However, this has created significant opportunities for anyone looking to make a career change.” 


Competitive Wages and Benefits

Jobs in their trades offer competitive wages and benefits. Beginner positions in the skilled trades start at around $35,000 a year, and more experienced skilled tradespeople earn $70,000 or more.

That’s right: You can easily surpass six-figures in the skilled trades without a traditional college degree.

In addition, skilled trades jobs are not as easily outsourced, so you have peace-of-mind with that aspect as well. 


Celebrating National HVAC Tech Day

At Alpyne, we drive industrial marketing excellence for tradespeople everyday with our industry-leading contractor marketing agency services. We work with some of the nation’s top contractors in the home services industry.

We are celebrating national HVAC tech day by sharing with you one of our latest videos from behind-the-scenes here at Alpyne.


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