Elizabeth Ortlieb Featured on Energy Blog to Discuss Mildly Flammable Refrigerants

Elizabeth Ortlieb, our Director & CMO, was recently featured in “The More Heat Pumps, the Merrier,” in the Energy Technology Revolution blog.

The increased use of air-conditioning worldwide presents numerous energy and environmental challenges. In fact, new technologies and regulations are focused on solving those challenges. One such technology on the rise is that of heat pumps. Heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air-conditioners and furnaces, and they can be used in all climates.

However, some wonder how the increased installation of heat pumps, which have R-410A in them, impacts  refrigerant management. This is because R-410A has a high-GWP.

Moreover, the adoption of alternatives to R-410A are on the way, and Elizabeth Ortlieb, our Director & CMO at Alpyne Strategy, weighed in on this issue about when and how.

She states, “I’ve seen recent reports that say it is unlikely that building codes in all 50 states will accommodate mildly flammable refrigerants by 2025.”

Click here to read the full article. Also featured on Energy Central.



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