Bucee’s Murfreesboro TN

With billboards beckoning you for miles and gas pumps as far as the eye can see (not to mention its famous assortment of beaver nuts, jerky, fudge, and brisket galore), you can’t miss Bucee’s.

It’s no surprise that Bucee’s was born and bred in Texas, but the company is currently expanding to Tennessee and all across the South. Soon, you’ll be able to fill up on gas and the best munchies around right here in Murfreesboro.

Bucee’s opened locations in Crossville and Sevierville, TN in June 2022 and June 2023, respectively. Bucee’s had plans to open a Clarksville location in 2023 but withdrew those plans because of possible traffic issues. Thankfully, the Murfreesboro Bucee’s is still proceeding full steam ahead.

If you’ve never been to a Bucee’s, you may be wondering, What’s the big deal? Typically, stopping at a gas station is a means to an end, but for some, Bucee’s is a destination in and of itself. It is a one-stop shop for everything you might need from a snack to a bathing suit to a camping tent. They even have award-winning bathrooms.

Bucee’s will also make a positive impact on the Murfreesboro economy. For example, the Bucee’s in Crossville brought at least 175 full-time job openings accompanied by a starting pay above minimum wage, full benefits, and three weeks of vacation. Murfreesboro has already been growing in recent years, and Bucee’s will draw even more people to the area.

Commercial Developments
Construction on the Murfreesboro location is slated to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. Mark your calendars for the September 2, 2024 grand opening. The gas station will be located off of Exit 84.

According to the construction plan, the store will be roughly 76,000 square feet near Elam Road, Joe B. Jackson Parkway, and I-24.

To make way for the sizable establishment, traffic patterns must be adapted. In January 2022, the Murfreesboro Planning Commission approved right-of-way abandonments for Bucee’s, including a 1,250 linear-foot section of Elam Road near Joe B.

Jackson Parkway and I-24 and a 1,100 linear-foot stretch of the city’s interest in the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s right-of-way. A property owner might request a right-of-way abandonment if they plan to develop their land and the existing right-of-way interferes with their development plans.

Abandoning the right-of-way can allow for the expansion of structures or the creation of driveways and parking lots.

The Murfreesboro Planning Commission also approved two mandatory referrals for abandonment of drainage easements. These are located on the Blackman Meadows and Oakton subdivision properties and along Blue Heron Drive.

Bucee’s is a bustling and beloved road trip pit stop that started in Texas and has already made its way to Tennessee in Crossville and Sevierville. Murfreesboro will soon join the ranks of beaver-apparel-wearing, happily munching Bucee’s customers and employees.

We can’t wait. As these developments continue, our team is working for you to keep you updated on the latest Murfreesboro construction news and updates.

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