Best Coffee Shops in Murfreesboro

What better way to start off the day than with a morning cup of coffee? No matter the time or place, a simple cup of coffee is a great way to enjoy time together with friends and family. In this article, we will cover some of the best coffee shops in Murfreesboro, as well as some new coffee shops coming soon!

Overview of Coffee Shops in Murfreesboro
From quick caffeine on the go to cozy social spaces, Murfreesboro offers a wide variety of coffee shops and cafes to suit your mood:
Some have been town staples for several years at this point, while others are just starting to open their doors for the very first time.

Apart from coffee, many of these locations also offer several food and entertainment options as well, which are sure to keep you coming back time and time again!

While each location can fit multiple categories on the list below, some tend to be more defined by their unique qualities on said list than others. As such, here are a few categories to help you focus in on your coffee priorities.

Coffee and Socializing

Best Coffee Shop in Murfreesboro Just Love

Just Love Coffee — Perhaps one of the most popular cafes here in Murfreesboro, Just Love combines great coffee and food with a strong emphasis on positive social change worldwide. Just Love has three locations spread across the city and is heavily invested in and supported by the local community. In fact, Just Love was initially founded though an online fundraising program to offer local support for adoptive families. From their mission to their local impact, Just Love has some of the best sourced coffee and refreshing atmosphere the business has to offer.

  • Brass Horn Coffee Roasters — With a soft, modern interior and a vibrant selection of drinks, Brass Horn Coffee Roasters offers a unique cafe setting for both students and residents alike. It is a perfect location to relax and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee whilst finishing up a work or study session. It is also located near the town square in historic downtown Murfreesboro, allowing you to easily explore the surrounding area in your free time.
  • Shelli’s Coffee + Social — While coffee shops have always been great spots to socialize, Shelli’s Coffee + Social takes things to the next level. Not only do they offer a beautiful venue with plenty of excellent drinks and snacks, but a fully stocked board game library! Seeking to simply bring people together over coffee and games, this one of a kind location is a great source of entertainment for all ages.
  • Catfeine Cafe — For a totally unique experience, the Catfeine Cafe combines your love for cats and coffee in a whole new way. Working with animal shelters and rescues in the local area, this cafe temporarily houses adoptable cats while sporting a colorfully creative menu to fit the ambience. If you love animals as much as you love coffee, the Catfeine Cafe is definitely worth checking out at your earliest convenience!

Murfreesboro Coffee Shops with Excellent Food Pairings

  • Joe and Dough — Breakfast or lunch, coffee or tea, Joe and Dough has got you covered. Offering a wide selection of in-house donuts and premium drinks, Joe and Dough continues to impress with their delightful menu and artistic atmosphere. They also feature a drive-thru, making this location an excellent choice whether you’re in a hurry or in need of some well-earned downtime.


  • Coffee Fusion — Come for the coffee, stay for the food at Coffee Fusion located in Gateway Village. This unique venue features a full Thai and Laotian menu alongside some creative coffee offerings. Still skeptical? You should be, given how truly great these two flavor profiles pair together!


  • Joanie’s Murfreesboro — “I think what separates Joanie’s from other ‘coffee shops’ is that we’re much more of a restaurant that also features gourmet coffee more so than a coffee shop that features some food,” states Jason Day, owner of Joanie’s. With two locations in Murfreesboro, Joanie’s has a lot to offer customers regarding both quality coffee and delicious food. With comfortable settings and an artistic menu, you simply can’t go wrong with Joanie’s!


  • Overflow Brews and Bakes — If you’re at the square in downtown Murfreesboro, be sure to stop by Overflow Brews and Bakes for some amazing treats! This wonderful bakery makes all their pastries from scratch while offering a wide variety of premium coffee, brewed tea, and boba tea as well. Partnered with Narrow Gate Coffee in Franklin, Overflow Brews and Bakes is both a locally and veteran owned shop that actively supports both the surrounding community and other local businesses through their works.

New and Upcoming Coffee Shops

  • Bean Loft Coffee Company — Located just a stone’s throw away from Middle Tennessee State University, Bean Loft Coffee Company was originally a food truck that offered fresh coffee and waffles across town. With a new store front, they have since expanded their business to encourage customers to study, meet, and connect with one another over some fantastic menu options. Bean Loft also sports an impressive Espresso Trailer service, perfect for any large events or gatherings you have in mind!


  • The Dapper Owl Pub and Bakery — Don’t let the name fool you, this avian themed oasis has a lot to offer coffee drinkers ever since they opened in 2022. With a classic ambience and vintage aesthetic, you can enjoy their signature coffee creations in the morning and end the evening exploring their impressive list of craft brews. The Dapper Owl Pub and Bakery also offers some amazing baked goods that perfectly complement their drink menu. A truly unique location that’s definitely worth the time!


  • 7 Brew — Founded in Rogers, AK, this fantastic drive-thru coffee shop has finally made its way to Murfreesboro, TN. Located on North Thompson Station by I-24, 7 Brew brings its signature seven coffee beverage lineup as well as a few seasonal offerings to keep you coming back for more. A welcome treat and must try venue for any coffee aficionado!


  • Dutch Bros Coffee — Hailing from downtown Grants Pass, OR, Dutch Bros Coffee has proudly been serving customers and expanding across the US since 1992. Their new location on Memorial Boulevard near the Tennessee Miller Coliseum brings with it a fully loaded menu of coffee, teas, sodas, smoothies, and treats of all kinds.

Be sure to check out their seasonal offerings as well, which are sure to impress!

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And there you have it: some of the best coffee shops to be found in Murfreesboro, TN. Whether you’re a coffee lover seeking the best brews in town, or looking to complement a delicious meal with a great cup of joe, you’re sure to find something that’s just right for you!

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