Fountains at Gateway in Murfreesboro, TN: A Complete Guide

Fountains at Gateway in Murfreesboro, TN: A Complete Guide

Have you stopped by the new Fountains at Gateway district in Murfreesboro, TN? In fact, just about 30 minutes outside of Nashville, TN, we can find one of the most beautiful and innovative office and retail development complexes in Middle Tennessee: the Fountains at Gateway at 1500 Medical Center Parkway. 

This mixed-use property currently offers a place for family fun, gatherings, pleasant promenades, shops, enjoyable eateries, and most recently live music events. Even more, it’s home to Murfreesboro TN’s first ever class-A office space. And, in fact, it’s where Alpyne Strategy headquarters opened its very first office. 

In this article, we break down the great amenities that this place has to offer, as this is where we call home—our way of saying thanks. Let’s get straight into it and take a tour of all the things you can when you visit the Fountains. 


Who says no when a friend invites you to go window-shopping? Getting to spend time with people you love and having a great experience at the same time is a good activity to create fun memories. 

We can start by booking a place for you and your friends at Board & Brush Creative Studio. It is always a good time to put your creativity to work. In this place you can design and make your own pieces of decor for your house or why not, like a gift to someone. Words are not enough to describe how good this place is, you can have fun and relax at the same time and you forget about everything else while you let your imagination fly, plus you get to take a piece of art with you. It feels like a holiday in a shop.

Keeping with the art, Homegrown Marketplace is a great shop that allows local artists and artisans to exhibit and offset their work such as furniture, decor pieces for your house as well as gifts items.

You can’t miss the fashionable and trendy pieces in The Boutique and the most original clothes, shoes and accessories at E. Allen. They have the best women’s clothes, a variety of styles and colors that match with the season. 

Last in the list but not least is Kneucraft Fine Jewelry, they can create new custom rings, bracelets or earrings for you and also repair that special jewelry, no matter what material it is made of.


Hanging out means that you will spend several hours outside and inevitably involves food, right? Well Fountains has you covered and these are the 7 food places you get to visit when you come to enjoy your day. 

Starting with the classic Burger Republic offering you an open bar area and a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy burgers, spiked shakes and drinks. 

The next food place has that unique touch that makes stakes different from the rest. If you know how to appreciate food and want the best dining experience for you and your loved one, you can’t miss trying Steakhouse Five, their dishes are delicious and the staff will make sure that you have everything you want. You can choose to eat inside or outside to enjoy the fresh air and view.

The third option is Love Thai Sushi who serves the best quality sushi, generous portions and has great prices, also they offer a large variety of beers and drinks to go with your favorite meal. 

If you have a sweet tooth, Nothing Bundt Cakes has your back with their mouth-watering cakes and treats, do not forget to try their samples with the flavor of the day! 

Also Just Love Coffee does not need introduction, its name says all you need to come hang out in their open space and enjoy a lovely afternoon alone or with friends, never running out of good food and great coffee.

The Sodabar is definitely an incredible place to stop for dessert after dinner at Burger Republic or Steakhouse Five as well as having fun with kids while trying their tasty ice cream and sodas. 

Edible arrangements have a wide array of offerings including a selection of donuts, dipped fruits, seasonal smoothies and other treats that will surely tickle your tastebuds. They even present their popular product, the classic and delicious chocolate covered fruits, in cute arrangements that could be ordered in colorful baskets that’s perfect for gifts so if you want someone to feel special, this offering is the way to go!


We know that the fountains have offices, eateries, shops and even health care services, but you know what makes it special? The outdoors, the marvelous nature that unifies every spot in this campus making it a happy place full of events and magic experiences. Imagine picking a meal from one of the restaurants and having a picnic in the plaza while the kids have a blast on the Splash Pad, or why not watch a movie on one of their summer-night series. In winter The Plaza turns into Wonderland hosting the Winterfest at Fountains! (You can’t miss it for anything!)

The Pocket Park is a small peaceful garden, with a fish gliding and a stage where musicians play live music. 

And the star of the show, just takes a visit to this place to feel the magic of Murfreesboro, The Greenway and the Island Park. Available 365 days of the year, it is a recreational area with waterfalls and Lake overlook where you can rest or go for a walk, a picnic, a run or go bike riding. Rented for all kinds of celebrations like birthdays, receptions, weddings and hosting charity events. Packed with a reception center with catering kitchen, a gazebo and bathrooms. 


Luxury Homes of TN, a real estate firm 

The Social Chair

Whether you are alone or with a big group of friends that want to get ready for a special event such as a wedding, a prom or just have fun on a girls-night. At Fountains you’ll find The Social Chair, a sophisticated full-service blow-out bar where you can book in for all kinds of beauty services. If you want to feel relaxed and pampered, have a great time and leave feeling like the most beautiful person in the world, don’t wait anymore and book your appointment now. 

Its view to the marvelous greenspace gives it the name. The View at Fountains is situated on the top floor of One Fountain Plaza and, justly presented as a luxury event venue, includes 5,800 square feet of indoor space and 1,900 square feet outdoors; you could choose it to host the most elegant celebrations, seminars, conferences, corporate events and more. 

Kattine Aesthetics, under the direction of the experienced Dr. Kattine, presents aesthetic, laser, personalized skin care and spray tanning services among others. Working in a responsible and efficient manner getting optimal results for their clients requirements and wellbeing. During your time in Kattine Aesthetics you can shop an outfit you love in The Boutique thus having the complete pampered experience. 

MMC | Meddling Plastic Surgery is an Accredited Surgery Center and a multispecialty clinic that presents solutions that meet the needs of every patient. It provides high-quality yet accessible health care in a professional, ethical and mindful way. MMC | Meddling Plastic Surgery is the first clinic in TN recognized as a Patient-Centered Care by NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance). 

The Studio at Fountains

 Fountains at Gateway goes above and beyond and anticipates every need. Apart from the amazing job they did and you can experience, this growing project includes The Studio at Fountains, they are class-A offices, a space that holds focus pods, team offices and corporate suites accommodating to your business growth. Known as the offices of the future, it was created with modern yet environmentally friendly design, where everything is connected and you can find large open spaces which improves collaboration. This way, you and your team can always work comfortably and focus to get optime results in the most efficient way. If you are interested, for more information you can visit 





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