Instagram-Worthy Staging for Your Industrial Marketing

Showcasing your work on social media can be challenging, especially when you’re a contractor. In fact, your pictures, which are typically taken while completing a job out in-the-field, are sometimes not ready for social media publication.

That’s where product staging techniques come in handy. In this article, we will briefly discuss how our image staging processes at Alpyne Strategy help contractors like you better showcase their services on social media. 


Photo Editing & Staging for Social Media

Social media has trained viewers to assess quality of service through an aesthetic lens. Consider this: You recently completed a beautiful concrete patio and now you’re ready to take some photos, so that you can showcase it on your social media channels.

But, you don’t have that lush green grass that you would like for your photos—unless you are perfect at laying concrete without removing any grass (which I have yet to meet).

More often than not, this is the case for many contractors, as they are managing multiple projects in a given timeframe, having to quickly take photos before moving on to the next project.

So, as a result, you are stuck with photos that don’t accurately portray your work in the best way possible. And when it comes time to post these photos to social media, there’s a greater chance that people will overlook them and scroll on to the next post that suits their eye better.

Overtime, this leads to low engagement and a decreased follower count while also hindering your brand image and social media presence.

That’s why it’s best to make sure you have an aesthetic landscape design in your photos so that you showcase the true quality of your work to promote your brand effectively and with ease.

Discover how to make your photos look like a beautiful green outdoor space by incorporating fresh new grass in your images with our tutorial using Adobe premier tools.

Before and After Patio Grass Replacement

Below, you will see a before photo of a beautiful concrete patio that was installed. However, as you can see, there’s hay instead of that green grass that we all desire to have. So, we went in and added in fresh grass ourselves (similar to a lawn care service but digitally).

Once we added in fresh green grass, we ended up with a finished product that further enhances this outdoor living space. Now, your eyes are drawn to the actual patio rather than getting distracted by the hay that is an eye-sore to look at.

Before and After Driveway Grass Replacement



Sidewalk Grass Replacement Photo Editing




Choose Alpyne Strategy for Your Industrial Marketing Needs

When it comes to your social media content creation for your industrial company, you need custom solutions and services. That’s where Alpyne Strategy comes in.

As a leading provider of industrial marketing solutions, working with industrial companies throughout the world on advancing their marketing programs and strategies, we offer custom solutions catered to you and your team’s unique needs.

Proudly family owned and operated and headquartered in Murfreesboro, TN, Alpyne Strategy helps the industrial world build stronger brands to drive engagement and growth.

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